WATCH: Temple players get tough, in shape with rigorous boxing training

Sometimes sports teams feed off their environment, and aspects of the community can be found in the product on the field or on the court. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Temple would embrace Philadelphia’s connection with boxing and use the sport as part of the basketball team’s training regimen.

Head coach Fran Dunphy and strength and conditioning coach Rich Levy want Temple to be both physically and mentally tough. The Owls work out at Joe Hand Boxing Gym in Philadelphia with pro boxing trainer Danny Davis.

When describing the workout’s benefit to college basketball players, Davis points out that it helps endurance, conditioning, hand-eye coordination. “Doing this workout, you’re really going to feel it,” Davis said.

“I try to translate it to basketball where I’m real tired but my teammates need me to hit a jump shot or get a stop,” sophomore guard Josh Brown said. “You just get in a zone, not going to stop fighting, keep going, embrace the moment.”

Temple’s players used boxing training to get ready for the season. (CBS Sports Network)


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