WATCH: Villanova shot tops list of best game-winners in title games

While spending your Monday watching Kris Jenkins’ 3-pointer (and Marcus Paige’s shot before it) over and over, the question is worth considering: where does this incredible shot stack up against the best finishes in NCAA Tournament title game history?

It’s so rare that we get true, at the horn buzzer-beaters — it’s the first one in a national title game since NC State in 1983 — and Jenkins’ shot came just after Paige’s off-balance 3-pointer to tie the game. We are blinded by recency bias I’m sure, but the Villanova game-winner is the best game-winner in title game history.

So before we dive into the rankings, remember what we’re ranking: it’s game-winners specifically in the national championship game. We’ve had incredible tournament finishes this season that we’ll rank against the best of all-time at some point (I promise), but right now we’re talking the best game-winning buckets with the title on the line.

1. Villanova’s Kris Jenkins at the buzzer to beat North Carolina (2016)