WATCH: Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes drops fire on Ohio State following win

Nigel Hayes is never boring when he’s behind a microphone, that’s for sure.

The Wisconsin forward scored 21 points and added seven rebounds and three assists Thursday night to lead the Badgers to a 79-68 victory over Ohio State.

Then afterward, he spit fire and dropped the mic on his home state.

Hayes, from Toledo, Ohio, was asked whether this win was extra special, given that it comes over the in-state team that recruited over him three years ago. Long known as one of the more loquacious players in college hoops, Hayes had pretty much the perfect response for such a question.

“Nah, I’m cool,” Hayes said with the face of someone about to drop a stone-cold bomb on his opponent. “I mean, they got the guys they wanted. I’ll take my two Final Fours and my wins and I’ll carry on my merry way.”

To be fair to Hayes, you can’t blame him for chuckling at the fact that Wisconsin had three kids from Ohio on the floor at the same that Ohio State had none. The Buckeyes have largely taken a more national approach to recruiting over the past few seasons as opposed to focusing their efforts in-state. The Buckeyes did offer Hayes and were in his final two when it came time for his decision, but ultimately Hayes decided to go a different way and head to Wisconsin.

Hayes can take solace in his wins and Final Fours, and also in the fact that kids from Ohio that play for Wisconsin (Hayes, Vitto Brown and Khalil Iverson) outscored kids from Ohio that play for Ohio State (Marc Loving, Jae’Sean Tate and A.J. Harris) 33-15.

Nigel Hayes led Wisconsin to a win over Ohio State. (USATSI)
Nigel Hayes led Wisconsin to a victory over Ohio State. (USATSI)


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