Westgate Super Contest Week 6 Results


When 10 of 12 members of the VSB SuperContest team have a losing record, you know it’s a tough week in the NFL.

That’s exactly what happened in Week 6, as the VSB Prediction Computer went 2-3 for the fourth time this season following a 4-1 mark in Week 5, which actually wasn’t too bad considering seven of the 12 members went 1-4 or worse.

The computer’s two winning picks were the Denver Broncos (-8.5) and the San Francisco 49ers (-3.5), who both got interception returns for touchdowns in the final minute to win by identical scores of 31-17 on the road over the New York Jets and St. Louis Rams, respectively. The “pick 6” by the Broncos was actually needed to cover the spread while the 49ers sealed their victory with the interception after leading 24-17.

The computer’s other three SuperContest picks in Week 6 were the San Diego Chargers (-7), Cincinnati Bengals (-7) and Green Bay Packers (-3.5). The Chargers and Packers each won by three points while the Bengals had to settle for a 37-37 tie with the Carolina Panthers. Overall, the computer has won in all six weeks so far this year.

The two VSB contestants with winning weeks were Ben Eckstein’s America’s Line (4-1) and Matt Ufford (3-2), who is now tied for second in the group standings with David Fucillo (2-3) at 16-14 overall. Todd Fuhrman is still the group leader at 19-11 despite going 1-4 in Week 6 due to a torrid 14-1 start.

The overall leader of the SuperContest remains Dustin Rampi, whose alias Alcatraz Holdings improved to a remarkable 26-4 after a perfect 5-0 week. Rampi won with four underdogs, including the Chicago Bears (+3.5), Miami Dolphins (+3.5), Carolina Panthers (+7) and Oakland Raiders (+7) plus the Baltimore Ravens (-3).

Kelly Stewart went 2-3 to tie Fucillo in their Week 6 SuperContest Smackdown. They will go head-to-head again in Week 7 to determine who moves on, so stay tuned to VSB.com for a new video coming soon.

Following are Week 6 records and overall standings for the entire VSB crew…

Todd Fuhrman: 1-4, 19-11
Matt Ufford: 3-2, 16-14
David Fucillo: 2-3, 16-14
America’s Line: 4-1, 15-15
Kelly Stewart: 2-3, 15-15
Jason McIntyre: 1-4, 15-15
Nick Kostos: 1-4, 15-15
OS Super Computer: 2-3, 13-17
Rob Pizzola: 1-4, 13-17
Erin Sharoni: 0-5, 12-18
Adam Kramer: 1-4, 11-19
David Kaplan: 0-5, 11-19

Click here to view overall standings for the SuperContest at the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook.


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