What Happens First to Johnny Manziel: Back to NFL or Gets Arrested?


Johnny Manziel is a lot of things, but being a professional football player is currently not one of them. Is there a chance Money Manziel will suit up for an NFL team next season? That’s the million dollar question.

One of the most polarizing figures to enter the league in recent memory, Manziel’s life has been an absolute roller-coaster since he left Texas A&M. Simply put, wherever the quarterback goes, trouble never seems to be too far behind.

After getting drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the 22nd overall pick in 2014 (ouch), Manziel played a pair of underwhelming seasons for the downtrodden franchise, but his off-the-field issues always seemed to overshadow anything he did on Sundays. It would take me all day to describe those problems, so here’s a good breakdown by Newsweek.

Manziel was released by the Browns after the 2015 campaign, which was the final nail in the coffin of his forgettable tenure in Northeast Ohio. The Texan was clearly labeled as a problem child, as no other NFL team would even think about signing him. He’s been out of football since last March and is an unrestricted free agent.

Online sportsbook MyBookie has released a prop on Manziel’s immediate future, with -250 odds him starting an NFL game in 2017 and a +180 chance he gets arrested before then. Yes, this is where we’re at with him right now.

It’s clear that Manziel realizes his checkered history will always follow him no matter where he goes, but his future in football is murky, to say the least. Will this late New Year’s resolution stick? Or will he remain #LostInTheSauce?

Manziel made an appearance in a Dallas courtroom on February 28 after a check-in with the judge overseeing his misdemeanour assault case, and he told a group of reporters “I want to play football” on the way out. We’ve heard this from him before, so whether or not it actually comes to fruition remains to be seen. But as of this moment, the future is murky for Johnny Football.

What will happen first to Johnny Manziel in 2017?

Odds as of February 28 at MyBookie

  • Starts an NFL game -250
  • Arrested +180


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