Where does Falcons’ beating rank among biggest all-time NFL covers?


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If you took the Atlanta Falcons to cover the 6.5 points
versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thursday, you were feeling
fairly confident about your bet from pretty much

The Falcons jumped out to a 21-0 first quarter lead and didn’t
let up, building a lopsided 56-0 count on the scoreboard before
calling off their dogs and settling for a 56-14 victory that
covered the spread by an insane 35.5 points.

Perhaps the only thing more astonishing than that 35.5-point
buffer Atlanta gave its backers is the fact that the cover
ranks just 35th all-time in terms of amount of points over
the spread. It actually tied for 35th but it was the fourth
biggest Week 3 cover since 1985.

It’s crazy to think there were 34 other NFL games that were
worse than Thursday’s beating. Covers looks at the 10 biggest
point spread covers in the NFL of the past 29 years.

10. Houston at N.Y Jets (+1.5), Sept. 18, 1988: Jets won 45-3
and covered by 43.5 points.
9. Indianapolis at New England (+13), Sept. 30, 2001:
Patriots won 44-13 and covered by 44 points.
8. N.Y. Jets at Miami (+2), Nov. 24, 1986: Dolphins won 45-3
and covered by 44 points.
7. Miami at Indianapolis (+3.5), Dec. 14, 1997:  Colts
won 41-0 and covered by 44.5 points.
6. New England at Green Bay (+2.5), Oct. 9, 1988: Packers won
45-3 and covered by 44.5 points.
5. Atlanta at St. Louis (+2.5), Nov. 10, 1996: Rams won 59-16
and covered by 45.5 points.
4. New Orleans at Green Bay (-3), Oct. 9, 2005: Packers won
52-3 and covered by 46 points.
3. Arizona at Seattle (-10.5), Dec. 9, 2012: Seahawks won
58-0 and covered by 47.5 points.
2. Tennessee at New England (-9.5), Oct. 18, 2009: Patriots
won 59-0 and covered by 49.5 points.
1. Houston at Cincinnati (-3.5), Dec. 17, 1989: Bengals won
61-7 and covered by 50.5 points.

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