Who will travel the farthest for the first round of the NCAA Tournament?

A few lucky teams will travel by bus, while others have grueling cross-country flights. (USATSI)

The NCAA Tournament always provides interesting subplots in terms of travel. The sites for the first weekend change every year, and only teams seeded Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 get geographic preference in terms of being slotted as close to campus as fairly possible.

Inevitably, a few schools get stuck having to take really long flights. This year, with Hawaii in the Big Dance for the first time in more than a decade, of course that program will have the longest travel.

If you’d like to the full list, 1-68, of longest to shortest trips, take a peek below. Thanks to Hotwire for sending along the infographic.

The five schools with the longest distance to fly:

Hawaii (2,886 miles to Spokane)
Arizona (2,597 to Providence)
Saint Joseph’s (2,540 to Spokane)
USC (2,539 to Raleigh)
Maryland (2,480 to Spokane)

Who doesn’t need to get on a plane?

North Carolina (22 to Raleigh)
Oklahoma (24 to Oklahoma City)
Temple (100 to Brooklyn)
Yale (103 to Providence)
Villanova (106 to Brooklyn)


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