Will a Team Finish the NFL Season Undefeated 16-0?

The Patriots, Bengals and Panthers joined some elite company when they brought their records to 8-0, joining 16 other teams to reach that mark since 1980. Only one of those teams went on to go 16-0 (the 2007 Patriots), while two of the sixteen lost just once. To get even more specific, 14 of the 16 went 13-3 or better while 9 of the 16 finished 14-2 or better.

So, with the data since 1980 on hand, what are the chances one of the three teams finishes 16-0? Online sportsbook Bodog has set odds for each teams chances of finishing the regular season undefeated, with the Patriots at +1000, and the Bengals and Panthers both coming in at +1500.

If their remaining schedules have anything to do with it, it appears as if the Panthers might be the best bet to finish 16-0 as their opponents combine for a winning percentage of just 45.6 %. No one on their schedule stands out as particularly scary, but Tony Romo (don’t laugh) might be back for a late November game in Dallas, and the Panthers could also be challenged during divisional road games vs the Saints and Falcons.

The Bengals’ remaining opponents also combined for a losing win percentage of 47.8%. After this week’s game vs the Texans, they’ll face a serious threat to their perfect record when they face the Cardinals in Arizona, and in Week 16 they play a Monday nighter in Denver. They’re also set to face the Rams and Steelers, two dangerous teams despite their inconsistent play. A perfect 16-0 season for the Bengals seems highly unlikely.

The Patriots’ remaining opponents have combined to win 50.8% of their games. A game vs the Broncos and a few divisional matchups down the stretch standout as games which could disrupt their quest for a second 16-0 season.

A prop bet is also available for if any team will finish the season 16-0, with Yes coming in at +250 and No at -400. It’s important to keep in mind that if either of these teams locks up the number one seed in their conference before Week 17, they might wind up benching their starters for their Week 17 games.

Will any team finish the 2015 Regular Season 16-0?

Odds as of November 12 at Bodog

Will the Patriots finish the 2015 Regular Season 16-0?

Odds as of November 12 at Bodog

Will the Bengals finish the 2015 Regular Season 16-0?

Odds as of November 12 at Bodog

Will the Panthers finish the 2015 Regular Season 16-0?

Odds as of November 12 at Bodog

Will the Patriots, Bengals or Panthers win the Super Bowl?

As you’ve probably already heard from a know-it-all friend who loves to regurgitate stats that he hears from some other know-it-all who heard it somewhere else, this is the first time in NFL history that three teams have started 8-0. Recent history and common sense tells us that starting 8-0 gives a team an excellent chance of going all the way to the Super Bowl.

Of the 16 teams since 1980 to start 8-0, nine (56.3%) made it all the way to the Super Bowl, while six (37.5%) won the Super Bowl. Based on these percentages, there’s a 91.6% chance that the Patriots, Bengals or Panthers will be in the Super Bowl, and there’s a 75.6% chance that one of the teams will win the whole damn thing.

Also of interest to Panthers backers, of the 16 teams to start 8-0, seven came from the NFC, with four of those seven going on to win the Super Bowl.

One last thing if you’re not already convinced that the current 8-0 teams will be among the last teams standing at the end of the season—The last time two teams were 8-0 in the same season, they both made it to the Super Bowl (2009 Colts and Saints).

If you like what history has to tell us about 8-0 teams, see where the current undefeated teams stand in our latest conference and Super Bowl futures.


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