WWE Wrestlemania 33 Betting Odds


WrestleMania 33 is less than one week away and the card is largely set in stone. Though there are some who may question some of the decision-making leading into the event (myself included), the WWE always makes one hell of a spectacle out of the granddaddy of them all and this year should be no different.

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar

The main event will see Bill Goldberg look to defend his WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar. Many will remember these two had an all-time stinker of a ’Mania match at WrestleMania XX, which mostly involved bad posturing and the fans chanting “you sold out” at the two men who were leaving the company.

This time around, the match feels a lot bigger. Though both guys are part-time talent and on the wrong side of the age equation, the WWE did a good job building their rivalry over the past few months. Goldberg squashed Lesnar and has looked absolutely unstoppable. However, one has to imagine that Lesnar gets this win back, as the WWE likes 50/50 booking and they know they can survive several months with the beast incarnate doing sporadic appearances as the champ.

WWE Universal Championship

Odds as of March 27 at William Hill

  • Brock Lesnar -1200
  • Goldberg +600

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

The inevitable confrontation between Orton and Wyatt has been brewing for months and has finally come to a head on recent episodes of Smackdown Live. This is an interesting position for the WWE to be in. If the odds are correct, we end this match with the status quo — Orton a bland babyface champion and, ultimately, Wyatt having done little to improve his stock aside from a transitional championship reign.

The interesting aspect of this match is the likely involvement of the Wyatt Family. Luke Harper is clearly separated from Bray at this point but Erik Rowan has also been cleared to work, so we could see an appearance from the large ginger too. I’m pulling to see Orton use the Family and turn heel to win, allowing fans to fully embrace Wyatt as a face. But I’m expecting bland Orton face.

WWE Championship

Odds as of March 27 at William Hill

  • Bray Wyatt +200
  • Randy Orton -275

Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho

This is the match of the night for hard-core fans. Owens and Jericho have been involved in some of the best storytelling in the entire WWE over the past year. Their friendship was magical and it has allowed both men to get over even more with the crowd.

You would expect Owens to go over in this one. He is going to be full time, with Jericho likely taking time off to tour with his band. That being said, I wouldn’t be totally shocked if they had a face Jericho go over only to have KO decimate him the following night on Raw and put Y2J out of commission.

WWE United State Championship

Odds as of March 27 at William Hill

  • Chris Jericho +250
  • Kevin Owens -350

Undertaker vs Roman Reigns

You can’t talk about WrestleMania without talking about The Undertaker. ’Taker’s career will largely be defined by his WrestleMania matches and ‘The Streak.’ However, ever since Undertaker lost to Lesnar at ’Mania XXX, it hasn’t felt the same. The Deadman is 52 years old and his health is not good according to multiple reports. This very well could be his last WrestleMania.

That being said, ’Taker is an old-school kind of wrestler, one who believes in the traditions of the business, and many are expecting him to go out on his back. That is commendable, but this is WWE’s chance to fix the mixed reactions from the crowd about Reigns. Having Roman beat ’Taker clean will piss off a lot of diehard fans but having him pin The Undertaker in dirty fashion could make him one of the most hated heels in recent memory.

Odds as of March 27 at William Hill

  • The Undertaker +250
  • Roman Reigns -350

Remaining Odds

Odds as of March 27 at William Hill

  • Seth Rollins -400
  • Triple H +275
WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

Odds as of March 27 at William Hill

  • Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson EVEN
  • Enzo & Cass +150
  • Cesaro & Sheamus +225

Odds as of March 27 at William Hill

  • John Cena & Nikki Bella -700
  • The Miz & Maryse +400
WWE Intercontinental Championship

Odds as of March 27 at William Hill

  • Dean Ambrose +350
  • Baron Corbin -600
WWE Cruiserweight Championships

Odds as of March 27 at William Hill

  • Neville -275
  • Austin Aries +200

Odds as of March 27 at William Hill

  • Shane McMahon +400
  • AJ Styles -700
WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Odds as of March 27 at William Hill

  • Bayley -300
  • Sasha Banks +225
  • Charlotte Flair +700
  • Nia Jax +1200

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