You Gotta Have Stones To Make Big Moneyline Bets Like These


We’ve seen some big moneyline bets these NBA playoffs that involve a big risk amount on the favorite to win a little by comparison. 

One bettor placed a $576,000 bet on the Warriors in Round 2 to win $36,000 — and there have been others. 

In the past, this type of wagering would be considering foolish but it’s not all square money making these bets these days. 

“The moneyline play has really increased exponentially the last couple years. So if you’re comparing it to years past, I’d say it is a little bit odd,” says South Point sportsbook director Chris Andrews about the betting patterns. “But this is something that’s been building. I think people have really started to concentrate on the moneyline more now certainly than they ever have in the past. We have a couple of really big players and they hardly ever touch a point spread. They love the moneylines.” 


I take a closer look at this topic in the video above. Check it out. 


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