MLB Injuries

Welcome to Vegas sports betting’s MLB injuries page, sponsored by Bovada sportsbook, where you can check out the latest injuries around the league which can alter MLB odds.

The MLB injuries part is created to give you a quick glimpse of all the injuries for a particular team.

Any significant injuries can make changes to the live MLB odds provided by the top online sportsbooks. Every day, there are plenty of MLB games and it is difficult to keep track of all the games in one night, let alone the games injuries. Vegas sports betting thrive on providing our users all the possible information for every game in one area.

Some things that you will find in this section are:

  • The full list of injured players for any MLB team as well as their position. This can help you determine who the next man up is for that position.
  • The length of time that each player will be on the disabled list. By knowing the time frame, you can place future sports bets for a team that has lost its star. Of course, the sportsbooks are aware of the Injury and will alter the live odds accordingly.
  • A drop down list where you can toggle through the different MLB teams and injuries. This easy to navigate tool will speed up your research as you can check the opponent’s injuries with one simple click.

There are 32 MLB teams and each team play a total of 182 games a year, the most games in any professional sports today. We at Vegas sports betting understand that it is impossible to keep track of every MLB injuries. For example, if a player has been on the 60 day DL and you do not remember that the player was indeed still injured, then you can visit the page to get updated statuses on the entire team.  The New York Yankees have had Alex Rodriguez suspended for the entire season. As a sports bettor, if you started watching baseball mid season, then you would not remember that their superstar was out for the season. By taking a quick glimpse of the MLB injuries, you will be able to identify that Rodriguez is out for the season. From there, you can check who his replacement is and study id the odds are good. A lot of things are considered when placing a bet and what we thrive on is making our site a one stop shop for all your gambling needs. Thank you for choosing Vegas Sports Betting.