MLB Matchups

Vegas Sports betting MLB matchups section provides information that is relevant to vegas odds provided by our top sportsbook affiliates. 

The MLB matchups section has everything you need for your online sports betting needs such as stats, live odds, previews and other useful information that can hurt online sportsbooks.

The more information we provide our Vegas sports betting users, the better chances of uncovering any arbitrary live MLB odds. The MLB matchups page is designed for our users to see everything in this section.  On the main page, you will e able to see all of the baseball games for the next two days. For every MLB game, you will have the listed starters, the opening MLB odds provided by Bovada sportsbook, the total line and links to several different pages on our website (matchup, supergrid and preview).

Matchups:  This section is where all of our Vegas sports betting clients are able to see the head to head matchup of a particular game. It has many different useful sections such as:

  • A smart chart where you can get a quick glimpse of how each team stacks up against the other for a particular stat. Some useful stuff that you can study are average runs per game, runs against, team ERA, and average hits, walks and strikeouts for both on offensive and defense.
  • How the pitchers in the matchups have played in the past three starts.
  • A recent form area where you see both team’s standings SU and ATS. Other useful online sports betting information in this part is how each team plays against left and right handed pitchers.
  • All different betting trends provided by the top sportsbooks in the world
  • Injuries, head to head details, Teams last five games and the weather
  • How both teams play in the division and conference

Supergrid: On this page, you will be able to check how each team’s offence is ranked as opposed to the rivals defence. The MLB Supergrid section will be further discussed on the page.

MLB Previews: This is where you get a preview of a particular MLB matchup. It also provides us with any news that is relevant to the game.

We at Vegas sports betting believe that the MLB matchups page is one of the most important part when placing a bet.