MLB Standings

Vegas sports betting and Bovada Sportsbooks have put together an MLB standings page where you can find tons of information that can help you pick the right MLB odds.

The MLB standings page is designed to give our online sports betting users the ability to study everything that has to do with understanding any MLB vegas odds that are presented by the top online sportsbooks.

There are ample things that you can uncover on this page that we will explain in detail. The two different standings that we offer are Regular standings and expanded standings.

 Regular Standings advantages

  • The regular standings separated by each division and each conference. The MLB has two separate conferences and each conference has four divisions.
  • The records of each team classified in total record, home record and away record. The separation of the home and away record can help you in your online sports betting needs by seeing how each team play on the road and at home.
  • How much payout each team has given to bettors, while taking into consideration the MLB odds given. It also separates home and away as well as the profit when a dog or when a favorite.
  • A quick link that sends you to each team page filled with stats

Expanded Standings Advantages:

  • The Records of every team when facing a right handed pitcher and a left handed pitcher. An example of a situation that can alter your sports betting odds is the San Francisco Giants. The Giants are a team that are constantly over the .500 mark. However, they are always under .500 when playing left handed pitchers. By knowing this information, you can take advantage of any MLB odd that you deem undervalued.
  • The number of games behind the division leaders of each division. This is important seeing that a team that is in the playoff hunt will surely play more motivated as opposed to a team that has no chance of making the playoffs. As the season come to the end, you can find many vegas odds that can be considered as “locks” because it is a must win for one team while the opponent who is eliminated has no motivation to win.
  • Every MLB teams winning percentage to give you a quick glimpse of the teams being over .500

The MLB Standings is one area to consider when placing a bet with our online sportsbook affiliates. Be sure to check out other pages such as MLB Stats and MLB Matchups prior to making a final decision. We thank you for using Vegas sports betting.