NBA Matchups

Vegas Sports Betting’s NBA Matchups section provides the best sports stats on the net for your online sports betting needs.

The NBA matchups section has ample information when it comes to online sports betting; as we have you covered from A to Z in order to better understand the NBA odds when placing a bet with our top online sportsbooks.

In this section, you can check out a lot different useful stuff such as a the NBA Previews section and the Matchups grid. The NBA Matchups page also displays the opening vegas odds for a particular game, the game total and a supergrid. We will further discuss the different sections in the NBA matchups tool.


The supergrid is an interesting tool that is available to our Vegas sports betting users. It allows people to see how one team stacks up against another on both the offensive and defensive side. Let’s use the Lakers and Spurs as an example. If you click on the supergrid, you will find how the Lakers rank on offence in avg. points scored and their league ranking in that category. You will also see how the Spurs rank on defence. You can then flip the sides and see how they fare on the other side of the court. You then have the option to view those rankings when they are at home or away which many find useful for their online sports betting.


This section is where you should be going on the most as the NBA matchups page gives you the most in dept stat lines on our website. It is designed to provide you with ample information that can surely aid you in your online sports betting experiences.

On this one page you can see stuff such as

  • Both team records of a particular game
  • A recent form section where they show the SU record and the ATS Record followed by how much profit the teams have made for bettors. They then show the average point differential for both teams.
  • A smart chart section where it shows a quick look of both teams stat line and points to the team that is favored in a particular stat, say average steals per game.
  • Both teams last 3 starts and the stats for those games
  • Updated NBA Injuries list for the night
  • Betting trends for both teams
  • Head to Head records and scores followed by some stats for each game
  • Each team record versus division as well as conference


The NBA Matchups section also provides a link that directs you to a mini NBA Preview for each game. You can read about stuff that is not usually visible on the stat sheet that can surely help you for your future wagers.

We at Vegas Sports Betting know that the sportsbook industry has become a game of stats and we try to make this your one stop shop for all you online sports betting needs.