NBA Standings

Welcome to Vegas sports betting’s NBA Standings section where we provide you with the leagues standings that can help you in determining the best future NBA odds provided by our top sportsbook affiliates.

The Basketball association is made up of 32 teams and we at Vegas sports betting have put together a NBA standings page where you can check different types of standings for a particular team to further help you in choosing a winner from our top online sportsbooks.

There are many reasons why you would want to check this section out that we will demonstrate further. Online sports’ betting is so relied on vegas odds and numbers that we have put two different types of standings: Against the spread standings and Straight up standings.

ATS NBA Standings provides you with stuff like:

  • Each team’s season record divided in their proper divisions.
  • How they have fared against the spread which can help you determine a good NBA odd given. We also divide how they are against the spread at home and away.
  • Against the spread for each team when they are considered a favorite or underdog. This information can also help you in your online sports betting needs.
  • All of the team’s over under record for the year.
  • How each team has fared against their proper divisions
  • Any winning or losing streak that is going on 

SU NBA standing offers you stuff like:

  • The team record for the year. Each team is ranked by division.
  • The teams home and away records
  • Conference records
  • Division records
  • Winning percentage

The split between the two different standings gives our users at Vegas sports betting a lot of information that the normal standings do not give. By offering ATS records, you can check how they are when playing the spread. For example, the Los Angeles Lakers were last in the Pacific division in 2014 with a record of 27-55. If you were to look at strictly their season record, you would consider betting against them every game. However, the ATS record is at 41-39-2. This means that the Lakers would usually cover the spread given, even going over .500. As a sports bettor, you would recognize that the Lakers should not be a team to bet against which will in turn alter your feelings on vegas odds given by an online sportsbook. Vegas Sports Betting wishes all of you good luck!