NBA Hot & Not

Vegas Sports betting have compiled a ton of NBA stats filled with valuable information that you can’t get from any sportsbook.

The NBA Hot & Not page is one of the most important parts of the Vegas sports betting website. It is filled with information that can help you uncover any good NBA odds offered by our top online sportsbooks.




The amount of stuff that you can get from here is tremendous.  Every sports bettor would appreciate the NBA stats provided here. There are three sections in the NBA Stats page that we will discuss in detail hereafter:

Hot or Not: The hot or not section is put there to see how each NBA team has been playing in the last five games as well as the past ten games. The different stats that you can rank by team are:

  • The against the spread wins in the past 5 and 10 games. This can help you in your online sports betting experience as you can see how the live  vegas odds are stacking against a particular team.
  • The average points scored and points against during a 5 and 10 game span which can help you decide on any NBA totals bets offered by all the online sportsbooks
  • The average margin of victory in the last 5 and 10 games.
  • The total amount of over’s for a particular team
  • Each teams average field goal percentage as well as the average 3 pointers per game
  • The average rebounds per game

Offensive Rankings: Vegas sports betting have an Offensive NBA stats section where you can check the following stats for any given NBA team:

  • Average points scored which also is divided between home and away.
  • Every teams season field goal and free throw percentages
  • 3 pointers made, assists per game as well as turnovers per game
  • Rebounds per game

Defensive Rankings: The defensive rankings in the NBA stats section is similar to the offensive stats but on defence. Stuff that should help you in your online sports betting experience is:

  • The average points against in a season also divided by home and away averages.
  • An opponent’s Field goal and free throw percentages against them
  • 3 points and assist per game made against a particular team
  • Defensive rebounds per game and steals per game

Vegas sports betting also offer the ability to rank each of these categories by a simple click. Once you click on say average points against, the NBA stats section will rank that category in order for all 32 NBA teams. Once you study all of the stats and find a favorable NBA odd, you can then chose one of the top online sportsbooks in order to place a bet.