NCAA Basketball Game logs

Welcome to our NCAA Basketball game log section where we got you covered with the entire schedule, scores and betting results for every college basketball team.

Below you will find the entire team schedule with scores, ATS results, Over/Under Results and a recap link that will direct you to a page that will highlight and give a quick recap of the selected game. But First, you must select the team!

 Its always important to consider past and future matchups, especially when it comes to betting. Wins and losses are not the only thing to consider when it comes to sports betting. Its important to consider against the spread results (ATS) if that the type of betting you are looking to enter. There are situation where teams tend to lose often however, they are able to cover the spread. Or vice-versa, where some college basketball teams often win but don’t cover the spread. Regardless, its always significantly important to check such results as it might impact your wager.

Similarly, its always a good thing to also check the Over/under results. There are situation where some teams have a high probability to hit the under and some just have a high probability to hit the over. Regardless, it does not hurt checking. Its just an extra factor that is consider as you place you bet.

This tools is free to use at any time on any day. Just check-in on and you will have instant access to all these betting tools. We are here to help, its just a matter of taking the time to actually research and look thoroughly. Its like if you were to enter a multiple choice exam in school. If you’re prepared and have studied everything, you have the tendency of getting the right answer often; whereas if you were to enter without any knowledge and going in guessing, obviously you have the tendency of making more mistakes. Be Smart, use our tools!