NCAA Basketball- Hot and Not

Our Vegas Sports Betting NCAA Basketball Hot 5 and hot 10 page listed you the top recent college teams that have been successful against the spread (ATS)

The list is set in the order of the college Basketball teams that have hit wagers against the spread (ATS) the most in the past 5 games (Hot 5) or in the past 10 games (Hot 10).

Very important to consider the Hot 5 and hot 10 aspect before placing your bets. It give you an idea of college basketball teams that have been hitting the spread in the most recent. By doing so, bettors can see which college teams are trending up in covering the spread. As a result, it gives you an idea on which NCAA Basketball team you should place your wager on.The caliber of information that you can get from here is remarkable.  Sports bettor love and appreciate the NCAA Basketball stats offered here Vegas Sports Betting.

Differentiating the hot 5 and the hot 10 is very simple. The hot 5 shows you the top teams that have covered the spread in the last 5 games. If a team is listed at 5, that would mean that they have covered the spread in their last 5 games. If they are listed at 4, that would mean that they have covered the spread 4 times in their last 5 games. The hot 10 therefore is evident. It pretty much lists you the top teams that have covered the spread in the last 10 games. It’s very rare to see a team listed at 10, not many teams are able to go 10 for 10 against the spread (ATS). Oddsmakers tend to keep track of these stats and therefore are more likely to raise the bar higher for the next matchup.

Hot or Not: The hot or not section is put there to see how each NCAA Basketball team has been playing in the last five games as well as the past ten games. The different stats that you can rank by team are:

  • The against the spread wins in the past 5 and 10 games. This can help you in your online sports betting experience as you can see how the live odds are stacking against a particular team.
  • The average points scored and points against during a 5 and 10 game span which can help you decide on any NCAA Basketball totals bets offered by all the online sportsbooks
  • The average margin of victory in the last 5 and 10 games.
  • The total amount of over’s for a particular team
  • Each teams average field goal percentage as well as the average 3 pointers per game
  • The average rebounds per game

Having such information makes you betting decisions a lot easy. Simply use this tool to your advantage. Its absolutely free!! You have nothing to lose, but you certainly have something to gain. We here at Vegas Sports Betting guarantee you that by using our tools, you are expected to hit your bets more often. Thank you for making VSB your one-stop shop for all your betting  advice.