NCAA Football Game Logs

Our NCAA Football Game Log page offers viewers all historical info on recent regular season records for all College Football Teams.

Our  Vegas Sports Betting Team now offers all of our users with another table containing  past data and recent NCAA Football season and postseason records for all college teams.


For the selected team, users are able to access full team schedule from previous and upcoming games. The Schedule table above presents a date column with past and future opponents based on the specific NCAA Football team. For college football season games that are in the past, viewers are able to get information on the final score, winner or loser of “against the spread” (ATS), whether the game was a under or over (OU) and recaps.

This page also offers people visiting Vegas Sports Betting with information and data as far back as when this tool was created (2011). Hence, if you are looking for any info on NCAA Football games, that is seasonal and post-seasonal, our game logs sections has everything all data records stored since 2011. Information like such are gold and very hard to find; and can be effective for figuring out team trends, especially if you are looking for trends of a certain time of the year.

Gamblers, please do use this tool to your advantage. Majority of players completely avoid all betting tools and simply go with what they know. Those players end up losing a lot of money and they deny the facts, probabilities, trends…etc.

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