NCAA Football Transactions

Welcome to our NCAA Football Transactions page where we have you covered with information and data on current regular season transactions for all Collegiate teams.

The NCAA Football Transactions page gives you information on recent transactions of NCAA Football teams. Information that are based on players. Such tools will give bettors a better understanding of the Vegas Odds provided by our top sportsbook partners.


The NCAA Football Transaction page is a lot more different then the NFL transactions page. Rather then giving you info on players that have been traded or waived, this page shows you transaction based on players that have been transferred or cut.

As seen on the NFL Transactions page, this page similarly provides viewers with info on players that have been listed on IR (Injured Reserve). For such information to appear, viewers must first pick a team. Then, all info listed above should appear. If you are having trouble finding these transactions do not hesitate to contact our Vegas Sports Betting staff via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

The information in this section is based on current status of a player. It is very important to recognize as missing out on such information may give you a misunderstanding of the vegas odds offered with our featured sportsbooks

 Benefits of using the NCAA Football transaction tool:

  • Provides you information on players who are placed in the injured reserves. You should always be aware of upcoming star or big time collegiate players that are placed on IR as this can take a toll on your sport betting wagers
  • Provides you with info on players who have been transferred. It is always important to recognize players that have been transferred as it can affect a teams final results (of course taking the players caliber into consideration).
  • Provides you with info on players that have been cut. 

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