NFL Game logs

Vegas Sports Betting’s NFL Game Log section provides you with all historical information on current regular season records for every NFL Team.

Our Team has now provided all of you with another table that shows historical data of past and current NFL season and postseason records for all NFL Teams.


For every NFL team selected, the viewer has access to the team schedule from the past and upcoming games. The schedule table provide you a date column with past and future opponents based on the selected team. For past regular season matchups, users have access to information on the final score, winner or loser of “against the spread” (ATS), whether the game was a under or over (OU) and game recaps. The recap link will redirect you back to a previous post giving you all the highlights on the specified game. Our Game log section provides our viewers with all information and data ever since we created this tool, that being 2011. Therefore, to find historical sports betting information on regular season and postseason, just check out our NFL Game log section as we store all our data and records since 2011.  Such information can be crucial for figuring out NFL team trends. Or, also trends that are associated with a certain time of year; for example, an NFL team consistently always having a winning record on a specified month of the year. Knowing this information can lead to better decision making when conducting sport betting wagers.

 This tool can and should be used to your advantage when placing a wager. Our clients can research all the necessary information right here at Vegas Sports Betting to confidently place a bet. Our tools are set out to our clients; using such tools often leads to a more positive outcome. We highly recommend all bettors to analyze a sports betting matchup before placing a bet. A wager based on impulse without any critical information to back it up usually leads to a negative outcome. For that reason, study a game before putting money on it. Vegas Sports Betting will like to help you out as much as possible by providing with tools such as our Game log section. This will allow you to better understand the NFL odds given by the best online sportsbooks. We hope this can help you for your future sport betting picks.