NFL Odds & Scores Database

Welcome to Vegas Sports Betting’s NFL Database section where we provide you with detailed historical information and analysis on every NFL team to better understand the NFL odds provided by our top online sportsbooks.

We here at Vegas Sports Betting know that it is sometimes hard to find legitimate past information on NFL teams; whether it’s information on previous matchups or even spreads. For that reason, our team will now provide all of our viewers with a database that gives you all the information and analysis on past matchups and spreads for every NFL team.

By doing so, you can now check the NFL database for any questions or query you have on any NFL team in order to make your sports betting experience as comfortable as possible. This section also allows our viewers to better understand or recognize the sport betting odds provided by our top online sportsbooks.

How does it work? Simple.

  • If you have questions or stats you would like to know regarding a past NFL head to head matchup; In our “head to head query” section, you would have to first select a team and its opponent. Then, select the number of past games you would like to see between those two teams and press go. Following this, our database will instantly find you all the statistical information and history between the teams selected. For more detailed information, you can base your search on the time of year (monthly) or even on what surface they played on.
  • If you have questions or queries on past NFL Spreads, our NFL Database page also provides a “VS. SPREAD QUERY” section where you can find all historicalinformation on spreads between two selected teams or even recent spreads of a single team.  In this section, you also have the option of looking at historical spread outcomes when the selected team was a favorite or an underdog.
  • If you have questions or stats you like to know based on a selected team’s past history against a certain division; Our “VS. DIVISION QUERY” section allows you to find the necessary past information and analysis specifically about the selected team vs a certain division. Historically, how a certain team performs against a certain division?

We here at Vegas Sports Betting would like to help all your viewers as much as possible. With our NFL Database section, bettors can now wager on NFL odds they confidently believe can happen based on detailed research, stats and trends.Sports bettors can now understand the NFL odds, as well as live vegas odds, given by our top sportsbooks to give you a more pleasant/confident betting experience.