NFL Stats

We at Vegas Sports Betting have put together a page dedicated on NFL Stats in order to provide you with all of your online sports betting needs to then place your bets with our top sportsbook affiliates.

The NFL betting industry has become a game of numbers. Vegas Sports Betting realizes the importance that NFL stats has on determining the live vegas odds given. It is usually the basis of the lines provided for a particular football game.


If you are a person that bases their sports betting decisions on stats, then this is the place for you. There are many different things that you can check on this section that can benefit you as a bettor. We will further discuss in details the different NFL statistics that you can encounter on the NFL Stats section.

Hot or Not

The NFL Stats section is comprised of a hot or not section. This page has many useful stats for your online sports betting such as

  • ATS record so that you can see how a particular team has fared against the spread
  • The teams average points for and points against
  • The number of times a game has gone over for a particular team
  • The average total, passing and rushing yards done by the offense

In addition, you can be able to classify this section for the last five games or ten games if you please. From the hot or not section, you can click on any particular NFL team and you will get an in dept statline of that team. For example, if you click on the Cincinnati Bengals, you can see how their stats are compared to the league, the past five games results with a recap and the opening odds, any injuries, headlines and you can also navigate to the NFL Matchups tool.

We at Vegas Sports Betting have brought together all of this info in order to make it easy on our users to research all of the stats and news possible to then bet with our top online sportsbooks. There is a lot of meat in the NFL Stats section that can be used to further understand a particular odd given. Online sports’ betting has increasingly become reliant on stats and we have just the right tools for our users to use. We appreciate any input that can make our website better for you so do not hesitate to send us an email to further accommodate your need.