NFL Matchups

Vegas Sports Betting features an entire section on NFL matchups in order to facilitate your online sports betting experience offered by our top online sportsbooks.

Online sports betting has become a game of numbers and stats. Every little aspect of the game is dissected and in turn analysed through many different ways. We at Vegas Sports Betting understand the importance of this information which is why we have created an NFL Matchups section, providing you with all the possible stuff about a game.    

In this section, you can be sure to get a lot of info on stuff like game previews, match super grids, Matchup info, Sports betting live vegas odds and much more that we will further explain in detail.

The NFL is a league that plays the majority of its games on Sunday. This gives us ample time to examine previews, trends and odds of any particular game. By having all of this stuff in one place, it makes it easier for our Vegas Sports Betting users to navigate through our tabs and have everything in one site. Our NFL odds and lines section will then provide you with the best live vegas odds from our top online sportsbooks for you to place a bet.


The NFL matchups section has put together a supergrid table that gives you a team’s defensive and offensive ranking compared to the opponent’s offensive and defensive rankings. We will use the week one San Francisco Vs Baltimore Ravens matchup as an example. If you click on the supergrid, you will see the 49ers scoring, rushing, passing, sacks, turnover, penalties stats on offense compared to the ravens scoring, rushing, passing, sacks, turnover, penalties stats on defence and both of their league rankings. You can also switch the teams on top by choosing the opposite option on the menu. The program also offers to spate home and away stats which can be beneficial in you NFL sports betting. If NFL odds seem favorable because a team plays better at home, the supergrid section will show you the stats for that.


The NFL matchups also has its own section where we at Vegas sports betting provide stuff such as injuries, betting trends, game logs, head to head summaries, the weather and a table showing you how the teams have been ATS and SU. Another important part on the NFL Matchups page is the smart chart. The smart chart is a quick was to see who is better in some aspects such as points scored, points given, rushing yards, points differential, turnover differential and rush/passing defence.


The preview section offers a brief resume of both teams that will be playing against each other. They also give you information that numbers cannot provide. Going back to our other example, you can see in the previews that the 49ers vs. Ravens game will be a match of two head coaches that are brothers. The NFL previews section also provides news on how the previous game went for both team and what we should expect.

Vegas Sports Betting hopes that we can be your one stop shop for all you online sports betting needs and we can direct you to the best sportsbooks for your wagering needs.