NFL Game Previews

Welcome to Vegas Sports Betting NFL Preview section where we give a glimpse of what is to come in the week of football. Sponsored by Bovada Sportsbook, your #1 source for all favorable Vegas Odds.

The NFL previews section is set out to give our Vegas Sports Betting users a glimpse of what is to come in a certain game from that week of football. You can read a lot of non stat news that you cannot find in other sections such as the NFL matchups or NFL Stats sections.

If we are to look at one of the previews, say the Broncos vs. Seahawks, you will be able to know from the preview section that this is a matchup of the 2013 super bowl. The other section will simply provide numbers.  Other features that are offered in the NFL Previews section is the recent trends of both teams when ATS or SU, the opening sports betting odds for that particular game, the following match for both teams and a quick summary of what happened the week before for each team. You can also see matchup histories in this section and how they fared against each other the year before. The NFL is full of off field news and it is difficult to always be up to date with the stuff going on outside of the game. Vegas Sports Betting sacrifices a preview section in order to have all the juicy scoops of what’s been going on besides the game. A simple example would be the time when Colts head coach was diagnosed with cancer. Prior to that season, the Colts had the number one pick and they were coming off one of their worst seasons as a team. Nobody expect them to be a contender. When the news hit that their new coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with cancer, the team rallied around that and made the playoffs, something nobody would ever imagine. If you were just a numbers guy, you would have never known the reason behind the rally. Our NFL Previews section had that information provided and they showed the trend that had happens following bad news. That news not only altered the teams winning ways, it also altered the sports betting odds, making the colts favorites as opposed to underdogs. In brief, online sports betting is not only a game of stats and numbers. You always have to take into consideration some things that are non football related and gauge if that could be an advantage to place a bet from our top online sportsbooks. We appreciate any input that can make us a better site so if you have anything that could benefit our user experience, do not hesitate to email us at Vegas Sports Betting.