NFL Schedule

Welcome to Vegas Sports Betting’s NFL Schedule section where we offer the entire 17 week schedule with the live vegas odds from the best online sportsbook sites.

The NFL Schedule is made up of a grueling 17 week season in which every team play 16 games that our users enjoy sports betting on available with our top online sportsbooks. We at Vegas Sports Betting understand the importance of how each team matchups against the opponent on a weekly basis which is why we have put together an NFL Schedule section.

The NFL Schedule goes like this (We will use the Packers as our example):

  • Each division team play each other twice a year: one at home and one away. Division games are usually the games that most online sports betting takes place because both teams are familiar with each other which make it easier to gauge the live vegas odds given. The Packers, who are from the NFC North, play the three other teams in the division twice.
  •  Besides the division games, each team from that division faces all the teams from another division in the same conference. For example, the Packers will be facing the NFC South this year which means that they will have games against the Saints, Falcons, Panthers and Bucs.
  • Another four games are played against a division from the opposing conference. The Packers, for instance, play the AFC East this year.
  • The other two games are random teams you play from the same conference unless you win your division. If you are a division winner (You can bet on this future odd with our top online sportsbooks), you then play the other two division winners to complete the 16 game schedule.

Vegas Sports Betting’s NFL Schedule section can be divided by weekly league schedule or team by team schedule. By clicking on the team by team schedule, you can view game logs from past games in which you can view the opening betting odds that can further benefit you in deciding on any future sports betting needs. Following the regular season, our tool offers the NFL Playoff schedule which provides you with a tremendous amount of stuff regarding the playoff games. The NFL has become the top online sports betting event in the world so we know the importance of the NFL Schedule. There is a lot of information on the internet that can be used in decided a favorable odd which is why we try to make this your one stop place for all of your gambling needs.