NFL Scores

Welcome to Vegas Sports Betting’s NFL scores section where we put up to the second scores from the weeks of football to better understand the live Vegas odds given for a particular bet offered by our top online sportsbooks.

We at Vegas Sports Betting understand the importance of knowing how each NFL team is playing against the opposition which is why we have made a page with all the NFL scores giving you a quick glimpse if you are looking at any live vegas odds.

The NFL scores section is not only meant to show you the scores for the week. It also has links to the game preview and NFL matchups in order for you to easily navigate back and forth without having to visit another website. Our mission has always been to set up a website for our users to have a one stop shop for all of their sports betting needs.

Live Bets

In recent years, Bovada and many of the other top online sportsbooks have introduced a live betting section where you can place all kinds of different bets on a particular game even though the game has already started. With this fairly new option, you will be offered a magnitude of new NFL odds that are updated live and up to the second, depending on the situation. This has given another angle to sports betting as it gives you the option to bet once the game has started. Many online bettors like this way of wagering as they can gauge how the game is going and chose a particular odd that they see advantageous.

Besides the NFL scores that this section offers, the page also has information on how the line opened as well as a voting tool to help our clients see where the public is leaning. By having the opening odds in front of you, you can see where the line moved and try to understand why it moved that way. Again, if you see a particular opportunity that you find profitable, jump on it! Do not listen to what others are saying because the best information is the one you have researched and that information could be something these so called “experts” forgot about.  The convenience of having all the tools in one section also makes it easy for you to toggle through the different options. Be sure to hover your mouse on the text that are in the NFL scores area because we have put many links leading to other pages on our website. We appreciate any input given to our Vegas Sports Betting staff that can benefit our user experience.