NFL Standings

Welcome to Vegas Sports Betting’s NFL Standing section where we provide an in dept analysis on the league standings to better comprehend the live vegas odds given by our top sportsbooks.

We at Vegas Sports Betting recognize that many of our users bet on NFL Futures which is why the NFL standings section is crucial.

The NFL is divided in two conferences, the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC) which are then divided in to four different divisions. Every year, Bovada and the other top online sportsbooks offer many sports betting future odds that enables players to bet on who will win the division or who will be last in the division or will there be two different teams from the division that will advance, etc. The types of future bets usually have a hefty payoff seeing that the NFL league is always wide open at the start of the season. 

Each division has a champion that automatically advances to the playoffs. Of the four division champions, the top two teams receive a first round playoff bye. Besides the four division champions, there are two other teams with the best remaining records that advance. The top Sportsbooks also offer sports bets on who the wild card teams will be.  

The NFL standings section is filled with a lot of sports betting news that can benefit our users. For example, you can see if there has been a positive or negative payout for a particular team (as favorites or underdogs), their season record (also divided in home and away) and an expanded straight up standing section which we will discuss in further detail. The SU standings demonstrate the conference record, division record, grass record and turf record. All of this information can be used in deciding favorable sports betting vegas odds. It is crucial to have every possible stats for our users to be able to bet. The market for online sportsbook has advanced to a point where betting has become a profession, not a past time. What we try to do here at Vegas sports betting is to give our users all of the specific stuff on one game.  Feel free to navigate through our site to find more juicy stuff that can benefit you in your everyday bets. We appreciate any input that can make our website more convenient to our users. Feel free to send us an email with your ideas.