NFL Transactions

Welcome to Vegas Sports Betting’s NFL Transactions section where we provide you with information and data on current regular season transactions for every NFL Team.

The NFL section shows you all information on NFL teams transactions based on their players allowing our clients to get a better understanding of the favorable live vegas odds provided by our top online sportsbooks.


In this section, viewers have access to NFL teams’ players’ transaction providing you with their current status. First, our transaction section shows you when and if a player is placed on the injured reserves; such information can be critical for your online sport betting wagers. Not knowing whether a player is can sometimes give you a misunderstanding of sports betting odds provided by the best sportsbooks. Furthermore, this tool provides all of our viewers on when and if a players is waived, release, cut or traded. Such information can sometimes be useful as it allows you to be aware of the players’ status in relation with the team.

 Advantages of using the NFL transaction tool:

  •  Gives you information on players who are placed in the injured reserves. Elite players should always be recognized whether they are placed on injured reserves as this can affect your sport betting wagers
  • Gives you information on players who have been traded. It is always important to know players that have been traded as it can effect positively or negatively a team final outcome, depending on the players’ caliber.
  • Gives you information on players that have been waived.