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The Online sports betting industry is a very competitive market where there are countless sportsbooks out there willing to take our bets. Vegas Sports Betting has put together a list of the best online sportbooks. The main subjects we touch base on is Customer Service, Bonus Structures, Payment/Deposit Methods and Safety. We have decided to exclude the website we believe our users would not like as much. Just click on the review button to check out how each sportsbook is.

Sportsbook Bonus Review Visit
1 50% match bet up to $250 Review Visit
2 100% match bet up to $3000 Review Visit
3 100% match bet up to $100 Review Visit
4 25% Bonus up to $1000 & More Review Visit
5 100% Bonus up to $200 & More Review Visit
6 50% Bonus up to $250 & More Review Visit

We at Vegas sports betting know that our clients expect to get the best advice from us in regards to where to bet, how to bet and what to bet which is why we believe that giving our users only the best sports book websites is the first step into building a strong relationship

Sports betting has become, for many, a full time job. With all of the information out there, it has sort of become like the stock market: both in the end are strategic gambles. By examining stats, trends and odds, every sports bettor comes up with their own strategy. From there, you can then choose the most profitable sports odd offered by our renowned online sportsbooks. Sportsbook nowadays offer hundreds of different bets for each game. Each sportsbook, however, offers these bets with different odds. It is up to the bettor to find the most profitable odd available. This is why we suggest our users to sign up with different online sportsbooks. In addition, by having new sportbook accounts, you can take advantage of many bonus offers.   

During our research, we have concluded that Bovada/Bodog sportsbooks offer the widest range of bets and the biggest payout options. Its customer service is second to none. Another positive was the amount of live betting Bovada has to offer. It is definitely a sports bettors dream.  With a variety of sports books to choose from, you can be sure t find one that caters to you. Any of the above mentioned names on the table are trusted sites. It is really just a matter of preference at this point. We believe that our experienced staff was able to filter out the more difficult website and ranked the top 6 in our order. If you believe that we should promote a sportsbook in which you believe could be used by many. Send us an email and we will contact them.  Thank you for using Vegas Sports Betting.