AUDIO: Gregg Marshall: I’ll listen to ‘crazy’ Alabama offer after our season


Gregg Marshall is once again rumored for other jobs, most recently Alabama. (USATSI)

On Monday, our own Gary Parrish broke the news that Alabama is prepared to throw a yacht-load of money at Gregg Marshall once his season ends at Wichita State.

Marshall has been arguably the hottest coaching commodity in the sport since he took No. 8 Wichita State to a Final Four in 2013. But he’s turned down numerous jobs since then.

Alabama is only the latest willing to pony up for Marshall, and in fact it might be the most notable because it’s reportedly willing to dive deeper into its pockets than any previous suitors.

Marshall went on CBS Sports Radio’s “The Jim Rome Show” on Tuesday and addressed the Alabama situation. For full context of Marshall’s thought process, audio of the interview is below. Rome’s Alabama question comes at the 9-minute mark. It’s refreshingly honest.

Here’s what Marshall said.

“I was a little shocked that that came out,” he said. “I have no idea where that came from, but it’s really something I don’t have to deal with. Right now it’s just rumor and conjecture. I have not spoken to Alabama. I’m coaching my team, and that’s what I’m going to do, hopefully, for another couple of weeks. And if Alabama is still interested in talking to us with some type of crazy offer at that time, then we will certainly entertain that, but it’s going to take some type of crazy offer to get us to leave Wichita State.”

Marshall also noted Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker may well return for their senior seasons, and the school also has three top-100 recruits arriving in the summer. It’s not like Wichita State is likely take a big dip next season.

“I think we can do whatever we need to do in the basketball world at Wichita State,” Marshall added.

Wichita State plays Thursday night in Cleveland, in the regional semifinals, against No. 3 Notre Dame.

Gregg Marshall: “It’s going to take some type of crazy offer to get us to leave Wichita State.”


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