Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Boxing Betting Odds


Is this a fight that could actually happen? It’s been dissected for months now and seems to be picking up steam as news broke that the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas has been booked for June 10 to host the event, and ludicrousness aside, it would be the most lucrative fight in the sport’s history. 

After Conor McGregor’s win at UFC 205 over Eddie Alvarez, speculation for the mega-fight picked up, causing social media and sports talk shows to blow up, which resulted in online sportsbook Bovada setting odds for the fight. Unsurprisingly, Floyd Mayweather opened as a HUGE favorite, coming in at -2250, with McGregor coming back at +950. Odds continue to move for the potential bout as the two fighters continue to trade insults through the media.

The interest for the fight is clearly there, but many viewed the likelihood of a possible matchup to be more fantasy than reality. “This fight is a long shot to happen, in my opinion, and McGregor is a bigger long shot if it does happen,” said Bovada sportsbook manager Kevin Bradley after odds for the fight opened. “Floyd has never really been hit his entire career against the baddest professional boxers in the world, so Conor will have to shock the world to even lay some leather on Mayweather.

“Our -2250 line on this speculative fight reflects those facts.”

Early analysis from boxing pundits is that Mayweather would absolutely dust McGregor, which is a fair assessment considering McGregor has zero pro boxing experience. For what it’s worth, and it’s not very much, McGregor was an all-Ireland boxing champion during his youth.

Mayweather would bring a perfect 49-0 pro boxing record into the fight. He’s made a living off of his defensive, counterpunching style of boxing, and given McGregor’s lack of experience with bigger gloves, he’d likely have trouble landing significant strikes on Money Mayweather.

“This will probably never happen, but where there’s a financial will, often times there is a financial way,” added OddsShark.com expert Jon Campbell after odds were initially released. “I think we saw in the Holly Holm upset of Ronda Rousey what happens when a many-times world championship boxer faces an MMA champion. Ronda was determined to prove her striking and Holly machine-gunned her face with punches, before dropping her with a kick.”

Perhaps the biggest roadblock to the bout coming to fruition would be McGregor being under contract with the UFC. The current UFC lightweight champion recently said he’d want $100 million to box Mayweather, and the UFC would likely also want a piece of the pie. UFC president Dana White went as far as to offer both fighters a $25-million purse which was quickly laughed off and dismissed by Mayweather. 

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

Odds as of March 17 at Bovada

  • Floyd Mayweather -850
  • Conor McGregor +525


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