NCAA Basketball Futures

Vegas Sports Betting also features an NCAA Basketball Futures page where you can find college basketball future odds provided by Bovada Sports.

To place a wager on any of the vegas odds listed below, simply click on the line. It will then direct to straight to Bovada’s page where you will be able to place your bet online.

NCAA College Basketball Odds and Lines
NCAA Basketball OddsNCAA Basketball Futures
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2nd Half NCAA Basketball Odds

NCAA Basketball Future odds are pretty much a bet that is based on the near futures. Therefore, the bet you place here has to do with an outcome that will happen in weeks, months or maybe sometimes even years after you place your wager. Large profit can be made here if the right bet is placed.

Future odds works like the stock market. Vegas Odds can alter simply based on specific information or news that goes public just like the market. For instance a roster change, an uprising team or even an early season injury can impact Vegas odds. Being ahead of the official news can lead you to getting much more favorable odds. For instance, it is very possible to see future odds going from +2000 to -150 simply because of one of the reason listed above (ie. Roster change, injury or hot team)- Happens all the time! Of course though, its always good to get “insider info” as this would put you ahead of oddsmakers, allowing to make a more profitable pick. However, the difference between “Insider info” in the stock market vs “Insider info” in the sports betting world is that it’s not illegal 😉

Here are some examples of vegas odds that would be displayed above:

  • Who will win the Naismith trophy this season?
  • Who will win the NCAA Championship title this season?

If vegas odds are featured on Vegas Sports Betting, you know that you are getting the best. We here at VSB know how hard it is to place a good bet, that’s why we are here to help. Don’t let the books win, let us show you the path to success