NCAA Basketball Props

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NCAA Basketball Props are a fun way to place a bet. Instead of betting on a entire outcome of a game, (ie. Anything to do with game lines) now you have the option of wagering on team or player stats.

Here are a few examples of some of the vegas odds that could be displayed on this page in regards to team props:

  • Winning margins
  • Total # of steals
  • Total # of Rebounds
  • And Much More

Here are some examples of the vegas odds that could be seen on this page in regards to player props:

  • Player “X”  Over/Under # of Points
  • Player “X”  Over/Under # of Steal
  • Player “X”  Over/Under # of Rebounds
  • Player “X”  Over/Under # of Assists
  • Who will have more accumulate points- Player “X” Vs Player “Y”
  • Who will have more accumulate rebounds- Player “X” Vs Player “Y”
  • And Much More

The difference between team prop and player prop:

  • Team Props- Full Team Statistical Results
  • Player Prop-  Player Statistical Results Or Player Matchups (X vs Y)

When it comes to placing a wager on NCAA Basketball Props, the majority of bettors prefer betting on player props. Why? Simply because it is much easier to predict the outcome of one player rather then an entire team. Player props are a much easier option when it comes to placing a wager of this sort.

Rather then placing a bet on the statistical outcome of an entire team (Which of course sounds and seems harder), you simply wager on the statistical outcome of a player or Player Matchups (Who will do better: X vs Y)

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