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Our NCAA Football Futures page offers all Vegas odds for any future wagers including CFP National Championship winners. Odds listed below are provided by Bovada Sportsbook.

The NCAA Football season is a grueling 13 week process that offers a variety of vegas odds that Vegas sports betting supplies to our users.

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The NCAA football futures is one type of odd that gives you the opportunity to bet on stuff that will happen in the future. NCAA sports’ betting has become increasingly popular throughout the world due to the number of wagers to choose from. The volume of vegas odds available to bet on each week makes people think that they can find at least one game that can turn into profit. In addition, many believe that NCAA sports are the cleanest leagues to bet on because it is students playing and the business is not as big as the NFL or NBA. We, however, do not believe in this myth.

Some examples of NCAA Future Odds are:

  • Odds to win the 2014-2015 College Football FBS Championship 
  • NCAA National Championship Exact Matchup 
  • Who will Finish the Season ranked #1

There are obviously other types of future odds that are available with our top sportsbook providers, but we will let you check those out on your own. Vegas Sports betting is determined to provide you with every possible odd available on the internet. By providing our users all of the different lines, there will be no reason for them to go to any other website. Filled with trends, NCAA matchups and many other sports betting tools, we are determined to make this your one stop shop for all wagering needs.  The advantages of placing future bets are that you do not lose your wager after a game, the payouts are big amounts and you can have the option of skimming your future wager every week. The last advantage can be done during the final weeks of the season. Say that with a Florida State win, your future bet will be a winner and they play Notre Dame that week. What you can do to guarantee some money is to bet against Florida State. This will make you a winner no matter the outcome.