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Vegas Sports Betting’s NCAA Football Props page offer countless amount of college football betting odds to choose from. All odds listed here are provided by our featured sportsbook, Bovada Sportsbook

The NCAA college football betting world has drastically changed since the days of straight wagers, offering a wide variety of new vegas odds such as individual player props.

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The every growing demand to have online sportsbooks offer player props has led to these websites making these types of bets standard. In addition, the arrival of fantasy sports has helped the growth of Player prop betting. The reason for this is simply because people follow more and more individual stats which lead them to check out any odds that they believe is a sure bet. Many feel more confident when choosing these types of wagers because it involves an individual and not the entire team.

NCAA College Football Prop Types

  • Individual Player Props: This type of bet is when you decide on whether or not the player will get a certain stat. For example, will Jameis Winston throw over 300 passing yards? All you have to do is choose if it will be done or not. There is always a certain amount of juice to be paid if the odd taken is the one that the public is leaning towards.
  • Team Props: This is basically choosing if the entire team will be able to fulfill one of the stats that the online sportsbook offer. For instance, will the Miami Hurracanes get over 3 sacks?
  • Head to head Props: The NCAA College football world does not offer a lot of head to head sports betting odds. You will mostly see it during bowl games as the number of wager grow once this season comes around. Head to head props are similar to individual player prop odds but in a head to head setup. An example could be passing yards between Marc Mariotta and Jameis Winston. Obviously, there will always be a spread on these types of bets with a certain amount of juice to be paid if you are leaning towards the public. So the line would look like this:     

Jameis Winston -25 yards             -120      /    Marcus Mariotta +25 yrds                 +105

 We at Vegas Sports Betting feel it is necessary to provide our users with all the different sports betting lines offered with our renowned sportsbooks. The ever growing competition in this market enables us to provide you with all the possible wagers out there. In the case of NCAA college football, you will have tons of bets to choose from.