NCAA- College Football Standings

Vegas sports’ betting’s NCAA football standings give you a look at all the conferences standings as well as how they have fared against the odds.

In a league where the rankings make all the difference, Vegas sports betting feels the need to provide our users with an in dept standings page. 

With over a hundred teams in eleven different conferences (Div 1), the NCAA football standings are a critical part of your research. Important factors to be taken from this section are the conference record and against the spread records.  These features are meant to compliment your research. You should not base you final decisions strictly on that aspect however. The standings also play an important role in NCAA Futures odds. As the season progresses, the futures odds continue to change on a daily basis. What was +500 at a point could easily go up or down depending on the record so it is important to keep an eye on those types of wagers as well.

There are two sections in the NCAA Football standings page:

  • ATS Standings: This is a tabulation of how the team has been against the spread. It has categories such as ATS home, ATS Away, ATS as a favorite, ATS as an underdog and over/under record. Basically, it offers you all the records against the spread.
  • SU Standings: Straight up standings are simply the normal rankings. Categories such as home/away record, conference record, grass record and turf record can be seen here.  People may ask why is it necessary to put grass and turf records. Just take a look at Wisconsin’s 2014 season. They finished with a record of 10-3, from which two out of their three losses all season were on grass.

We at Vegas sports betting always emphasize that it is crucial to study every aspect of the game and not just some of them. Look at the big picture and not all the little details. This is what most users usually do and the reason why they lose and give up. In order to make this a profession; you have to be professional about it which means that you will have to study and examine everything. Just like a job. Top online sportsbooks will always offer vegas odds. It’s up to you to find the winning one when you bet online and Vegas sports betting is here to provide you with all the tools like the NCAA football standings.