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Vegas Sports Betting features a NFL player props page with Vegas odds provided by Bovada Sportsbook. We got you covered with the most favorable NFL odds.

Don’t feel like betting on NFL spreads, money lines or totals? Here is an alternative for you: Player props and team props betting. Instead of giving NFL predictions on game results, such type of betting focuses on NFL player and team stats based on an upcoming game.

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This type of betting is for smart bettors and not those that are considered “losers”. Many view player props and teams props as “sucker bets” due to its high juice and its popularity, however plenty of betting experts find ways to make huge profits.    

When it comes to player props, a sportsbook will offer various types of wagers. Over/Under totals for players is a very common bet that you will find in the player props section. Another example would be a head-to-head matchup between to NFL players (ie. Who will have more rushing yards for a specific game?). The team props section usually offers similar bets however it involves the entire team.

We here at Vegas Sports Betting recommend that all bettors should stick with player props. Why?  Instead of focusing and researching an entire team, NFL experts believe that analyzing individual stats is much easier and more predictable. Based on NFL players projected stats, Fantasy Sports gurus tend to find NFL odds (on player props) that don’t match players expected production. From there, they are able to place a bet comfortably which then leads to big profits.

If you have any questions or need any advice with placing a player or team prop wager, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our trained professionals can provide you with NFL expert picks that are most likely to hit. For all your sports betting needs choose Vegas Sports betting. We got you covered with everything you need to know on NFL betting. Not only that, but we offer you the most favorable NFL Vegas Odds.