NFL Prop Odds: Winless or Undefeated

Only one team in NFL history has ever gone 0-16 in the regular season, and only one has ever gone 16-0.

Despite both of those happening the same amount of times in history, a team going winless this season is +2000 at Bodog compared to a team going 16-0 that is on the board as +2500.

The Rare Winless Season

The 2008 Lions were the only team to ever finish a season with a winless mark of 0-16. That Lions team allowed a staggering 32.31 points per game, which is the third worst average in the NFL since the 1960s.

The next closest to a modern winless or tieless season is the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their inaugural campaign, when they went 0-14 and would go 0-26 leading into the next season.

Largely there are few teams that people actually think have a chance of pulling off this dubious distinction, but the longest odds to actually win the Super Bowl this season are owned by the Redskins (+12,500), Jaguars (+20,000) and Titans (+20,000) at Bodog.

The Scarce Perfect Season

The only team to ever finish the 16-game schedule with an undefeated record was the 2007 New England Patriots. The Pats set the then record for most points scored in a season and the highest point differential in a season.

The only team to finish the regular season and postseason undefeated were the 1972 Dolphins, finishing their entire season with a 17-0 record including playoffs

Will any team go 0-16 in the Regular Season?

Odds as of September 11 at Bodog

Will any team go 16-0 in the Regular Season?

Odds as of September 11 at Bodog



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