Royal Rumble: Who Will Have The Most Eliminations?


History is important to the WWE. When a record is set, you will be sure to hear the broadcast team treat it with the utmost importance and gravitas. Maybe the mecca for statistical records in the WWE is the Royal Rumble, specifically the number of eliminations a superstar has in the match.

This Rumble, we should all expect Braun Strowman to eliminate more men than any other. Books completely agree, as Strowman is a massive -350 favorite to eliminate more wrestlers than any other competitor this year. Strowman has been built as a monster and it is very likely that he will run roughshod over the match until another mountain of a man enters (see Brock Lesnar).

The wrestler with the next best odds is Samoa Joe (+300). Though Joe has yet to make his main roster debut, basically everyone and their mother anticipates the former NXT champion to make his debut during the Rumble. With reports that the WWE wants to give Joe a massive push, a dominant first showing in the Rumble is likely the best way to do so.

There are only two types of wrestlers who record a lot of eliminations in the Rumble, and those are either the monster heel or the mega face. There have only been 12 wrestlers to eliminate seven or more opponents in a single Rumble with names like Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, Kane and Yokozuna standing out.

2017 Royal Rumble: Wrestler With Most Eliminations

Odds as of January 25 at William Hill

  • Braun Strowman -350
  • Samoa Joe +300
  • Bill Goldberg +400
  • Baron Corbin +500
  • Brock Lesnar +900
  • The Undertaker +1200
  • Finn Balor +1200
  • Randy Orton +1400
  • John Cena +1600
  • Roman Reigns +1600
  • Big Cass +2000
  • Cesaro +2000
  • Chris Jericho +2000
  • Seth Rollins +2000
  • Kevin Owens +2500
  • Dean Ambrose +2500
  • The Big Show +2500
  • Sheamus +3300
  • The Miz +3300
  • Bray Wyatt +4000
  • Big E +4000
  • Dolph Ziggler +4000
  • Kane +4000
  • Rusev +4000
  • Sami Zayn +4000
  • Triple H +4000
  • Kofi Kingston +5000
  • Neville +6600
  • Goldust +6600
  • Kalisto +6600


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