Sunday in the NFL was a historic day for Under bettors

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Was it poor offensive execution? Was it stellar defensive football? Was the weather too much of a factor? Were the totals too inflated for a Sunday in late November? Are offensive injuries beginning to catch up to the league as a whole? Were missed extra points that much of a factor? Whatever the reason, Sunday of Week 11 in the NFL will be etched in the memory of Under bettors for a long time.

Of the 12 games played on Sunday, 10 played Under the closing total – an impressive rate of 83.3 percent. If it wasn’t for the Sunday Night Football matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Washington sky-rocketing over the posted total of 48.5, today we would be talking about a sports betting day of epic proportions.

As it stands, Sunday of Week 11 in the 2016-17 NFL season will go into the books as the sixth most lopsided Over/Under result for a regular season Sunday since 1985 (as far back as our database can be considered 100% reliable).

The highest margin between Overs and Unders on a regular season NFL Sunday occurred in Week 3 of the 1991-92 season when 12 of the 13 games on the schedule (92.3 percent) went Under the closing total.

Here are the Top 5 Over/Under margins for a regular season NFL Sunday since 1985:

– 12-1 Under (92.3 percent) Week 3, 1991-92
– 11-1 Under (91.67 percent) Week 9, 1995-96
– 9-1 Over (90.0 percent) Week 7, 1991-92
– 12-2 Under (85.7 percent) Week 1, 1996-97
– 11-2 Under (84.6 percent) Week 2, 1993-94

Add to this data the fact that the game this past Thursday night between the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers also went Under the total and Under bettors for Week 11 have an 11-2 advantage. If Monday night’s game between the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders from Mexico City fails to reach the posted number (currently 45) we’ll be talking about a historic full week in NFL totals betting on Tuesday morning.


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