The Best And Worst Bets For Conference Tourney Week


Below is a look at the best and worst bets during the past four years of conference tournaments. 

Beyond the past four years we’re talking about completely different teams with none of the players that are on the current rosters. Take it for what it’s worth, but some teams have a habit of playing their best – or worst – basketball when it comes to conference tourney time. 

Other teams just have no motivation because they can’t improve or worsen their seeding much for the Big Dance. 

These numbers look at the “Power 5” conferences plus the AAC and Big East: 

BEST Against the spread (ATS) 

Kentucky 8-1-1 (SEC)
UConn 8-2  (AAC)
Providence 7-1 (Big East) 
Iowa State 7-1-1 (Big 12)  
NC State 7-2-1 (ACC)

WORST Against the spread (ATS) 

Duke 1-7 (ACC)
Boston College 1-5 (ACC) 
Oklahoma 1-5 (Big 12) 


Michigan 7-3 OVER/UNDER (Big Ten)
Oregon State 5-0 (Pac-12)

Best UNDER bets 

Oklahoma 0-6 (Big 12) 
Purdue 1-6  (Big Ten) 
Florida 3-7 (SEC)

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