World Series Matchup Betting: Cardinals vs Blue Jays Top Odds

The baseball postseason is quickly approaching and with the season winding down the most likely World Series matchup is the St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Toronto Blue Jays according to online sportsbook 5Dimes.

When you take a look at the top four most likely matchups according to the odds they either involve the Cards or the Jays. That is not surprising considering the Cardinals have five more wins than any other team in baseball and the Jays are one of the most prolific offenses to ever take to the diamond.

The Jays and Kansas City Royals are dominating the potential matchups for the American League as they appear in the top seven and 10 of the top 12 most likely matchups according to the odds.

However the National League seems to be more in question with six different teams listed within the top 12 matchups. The Cardinals, Dodgers, Mets, Pirates, Cubs and Pirates are all on the radar at the moment with each of the teams at least notching 79 wins with the final month of the baseball season here.

LONGEST World Series Matchup ODDS

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the least likely World Series matchup listed by 5Dimes. The Washington Nationals and Boston Red Sox clashing in the fall is listed as a ridiculous +930,000 wager at the sportsbook.

That clash is the longest odds by a wide margin, with the second longest belonging to a matchup between the San Francisco Giants and Baltimore Orioles at +770,000.

2015 World Series Matchup – TOP ODDS

Odds as of September 11 at 5Dimes

  • St. Louis Cardinals vs Toronto Blue Jays +1035
  • St. Louis Cardinals vs Kansas City Royals +1105
  • Los Angeles Dodgers vs Toronto Blue Jays +1215
  • Mew York Mets vs Toronto Blue Jays +1265
  • Los Angeles Dodgers vs Kansas City Royals +1300
  • New York Mets vs Kansas City Royals +1350
  • Pittsburgh Pirates vs Toronto Blue Jays +2360
  • St. Louis Cardinals vs Houston Astros +2360
  • Chicago Cubs vs Toronto Blue Jays +2450
  • St Louis Cardinals vs New York Yankees +2455
  • Pittsburgh Pirates vs Kansas City Royals +2500
  • Chicago Cubs vs Kansas City Royals +2600
  • Los Angeles Dodgers vs Houston Astros +2750
  • Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Yankees +2875
  • New York Mets vs Houston Astros +2875
  • New York Mets vs New York Yankees +2975
  • St. Louis Cardinals vs Texas Rangers +3200
  • Los Angeles Dodgers vs Texas Rangers +3750
  • New York Mets vs Texas Rangers +3900
  • Pittsburgh Pirates vs Houston Astros +5250
  • Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Yankees +5450
  • Chicago Cubs vs Houston Astros +5450
  • Chicago Cubs vs New York Yankees +5650


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